Colour and Space in Cultural Heritage (COSCH)

Granted by the European Union
Period: 7.11.2012 – 7.11.2016
Managing Director: Prof. Dr. Ing. Frank Boochs

This COST Action (TD 1201) contributes to the enhanced understanding of material of our cultural heritage (CH). Documentation of CH involves researchers, scientists and professionals from multiple disciplines and industries. There is a need to promote research, development and application of non-contact optical measurement techniques (spectral and spatial) – adapted to the needs of heritage documentation – on a concerted European level, in order to protect, preserve, analyse understand, model, virtually reproduce, document and publish important CH in Europe and beyond.

WG 1: Spectral object documentation
Competence level: COST Action member
Status: ongoing

(OP=Oral Presentation, PP=Poster Presentation, AB=Abstract Book, FP=Full Paper, J=Journal, B=Book)

Jung, A. 2018: Hyperspectral Imaging. In: Bentkowska-Kafel, Anna, and Lindsay MacDonald, eds. Digital techniques for documenting and preserving cultural heritage. ISD LLC, 2018. (B) ISBN: 978194240134 Link or Read

Jung, A., Michels, R., Graser, R. 2013: Non-scanning Hyperspectral Imaging and Spectral Video Technique for Object Documentation. Proposer to the COST Action TD1201 Colour and Space in Cultural Heritage (COSCH) Working Group Meetings, Mainz, Germany, 27th March 2013 (OP, AB) Link